G & A Travel & Tours was founded in 2012 as a company aimed at providing quality travel and tours, including Hajj & Umrah services aimed at providing excellent services at affordable prices.

Owners, Gasan & Amina Adams has more than 10 years’ experience within the industry.

Since deciding to veer off the corporate and hospitality industry, G & A Travel & Tours has delivered exceptional services to several happy clients.

Making Tawaaf at night

Making tawaaf at night is spectacular. The atmosphere is absolutely electrifying. Rubbing shoulders with muslim brothers and sisters from every corner of the globe.

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What customers says

Wazeer Bassadien

G&A Tours have been doing these tours for years now. The experience shines like the sun. Gasan Adams is a natural born leader.

Nazma Manuel

Travelling with G&A Tours was such a pleasure. The trip was easy and hassle-free.

Safwaan Pillay

They do what no other travel agency is able to do and live for their clients.

Shariefa Wydeman

I can proudly recommend them to not only my closest friends, but everyone else.